Peru Homologation, Type Approval and Regulatory Compliance


Peru requires Type Approval for all commercial telecommunications and wireless technologies. The Ministerio de Transportes y Communicaciones (MTC) is in charge of Homologation for all commercial technologies that utilize radio frequencies, cellular, plain old telephone service (POTS) and satellite technologies. The MTC allows Homologation of regulated technologies through the use of existing international test reports.

Not all radio frequencies are available in Peru. The National Plan of Assignment of Frequencies (PNAF) assigns certain frequencies for industrial and scientific uses exclusively. We can help you find out if your device can be approved before submitting the request to MTC.

Americas Compliance Consulting understands that time to market (TTM) is the keystone upon which the commercial success of your products rests. When importing your products into Peru, time literally is money. When you partner with Americas Compliance Consulting, you can rest easy. We will get your products into the Peru market as quick as possible: on time and on budget.

Are Certificates of Conformity required in Peru?

  • Yes, Certification is required in Peru.

What is the regulating agency for Peru?

  • The regulating agency is the Ministerio de Transportes y Communicaciones (MTC).

Are there marking requirements in Peru?

  • No, there are no labeling requirements.

Are in country tests required in Peru?

What types of equipment require homologation in Peru?

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID
  • Radar
  • Satellite
  • Telecommunications and more!

Are in country reps required in Peru?

Due to the constantly changing regulatory requirements of many South American countries, please contact Americas Compliance for the most recent regulatory requirements.