Mexico NOM Mark Safety Approvals

Mexico NOM Mark Safety Approvals

Americas Compliance Consulting can obtain the NOM Mark safety approval for all types of products imported into Mexico. All electrical products imported into Mexico are required to meet both NOM and energy efficiency requirements. If your product is in one of over 2,000 product categories, your product must be compliant with NOM standards.

Product types that would require NOM Safety Approval:

  • Household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines)
  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • Wiring Devices
  • Telecom Products (digital, LAN, WAN, ISDN, POTS, E1)
  • Telecom Products connecting to the Public Switched Telephone Network (ISDN, POTS, E1)
  • Motor Operated Tools

Mexican law requires that a NOM certificate holder is designated for all approvals. This local certificate holder is responsible for warranty, maintenance and product liability of the respective products. NOM certificates are non-transferable, however, a manufacturer that is a NOM holder may extend usage rights of its NOM certification to Mexican distributors, who may then receive their own NOM certification without additional testing. NOM certificates are only issued to Mexican manufacturers and exporters, or to manufacturers and exporters in countries with which Mexico has a free-trade agreement. If you require assistance with a local certificate holder, Americas Compliance can help.

Americas Compliance Consulting will assist you with the following:

  • Obtain the mandatory product documentation and find the relevant NOM standards on your behalf.
  • Arrange for shipping of samples for testing if you need assistance.
  • Facilitate the testing of equipment to NOM standards in a NYCE certified test lab, and supervise the progress until the NOM Certification is received.
  • Certify your products under the NOM safety standards:
  • If your product is going to be connected to the public Switched Telephone Network, testing to the appropriate NOM standard and/or to ITU recommendations and obtain complete Telecom Equipment Type Approval.
  • Assist with product and package marking as well as translation services, if needed, to prepare your product manual and warranty into Spanish.
  • Act as a local certificate holder for NOM Safety certificate.

No matter what you require regulatory approvals for, let Americas Compliance Consulting get you there

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