CONUEE Energy Standards information

This regulation states that some devices (brand new, not refurbished, not used) that are distributed or marketed in the country, and included in the catalog (DOF September 10, 2010), must have, clear and visible on the product, the following minimum information:

  1.  Energy consumption per unit of time in operation
  2.  Power consumption in standby mode per unit time, and
  3.  The amount of product or service offered by the equipment or device, per unit of energy consumed, in cases where it applies.

NYCE is now offering to provide a Technical report of energy consumption based on test report issued by an authorized Lab, that brings legal and technical certainty for the declaration to the authorities.

CONUEE and PROFECO will accept test reports performed in other countries with a declaration specifying how the testing was performed and in compliance with Mexican standards of pressure, humidity, tension, etc.

This new regulation will be mandatory for all products, when selling and storing them.

If you have a labeled product already, located at any selling point, you will have to re-label it or the energetic Information will have to be pasted in an additional label.

Inspections will be handled only by PROFECO or CONUEE, as it is stated in the law, and could be performed in the warehouses or where the merchandise is located.

If you would like a detail of the products that require CONUEE, please contact us at