Requirements for cellular devices in Dominican Republic

INDOTEL has recently published it will start enforcing Homologation and Customs control of cellphones imported into Dominican Republic for commercial purposes.

This determination involves two processes:
• Standard Homologation: Type Approval for RF equipment.
• Letter of No Objection: Required by Customs in order to release cellphone shipments.

While this isn’t a new process, we would like to remind our clients that both documents (Certificate and Letter) will be needed when importing mobile devices into Dominican Republic.

We can certainly assist in getting both the Homologation and the Letter of no Objection required by Customs.


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Egypt: 4G/LTE

If you have been waiting to have your 4G/LTE cellular device approved in Egypt your time has come!  Egypt recently allocated the following 4G/LTE Bands:

  • B1 (2100MHz)
  • B3 (1800MHz)
  • B8 (900MHz)
  • B28 (700MHz)

We can assist you with your Type Approval needs!

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New LTE requirements for Malaysia

MCMC Malaysia has issued a new technical code for LTE user equipment pursuant to section 185 of the Act 588 by the Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd.
This new technical code specifies the minimum requirements for LTE devices which may include – but not limited to – cellular mobile terminals, handheld, portable and vehicle mounted equipments and RF cards and modems.
LTE device technologies specified are ITU-R M.1457, ITU-R M.2012 and IR.92. And they must comply with the frequencies on table detailed below and any of the following standards: ETSI TS 136 101, ETSI EN 301 908-1, ETSI EN 301 908-13, ETSI TS 136 521-1 and/or 3GPP TS 36.521-1.
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