On November 14th, 2017, the National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE) has published a new list of equipment that should include information about their energy consumption.

This list update will come into effect on January 13th of 2018, when Energy efficiency labeling will be mandatory on all devices listed.

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This new list replaces the one published in 2010:

1 – Amplifier
2 – Mixer
3 – Industrial water pump
4 – Commercial/domestic coffee machine
5 – Boiler
6 – Water heater
7 – Industrial washer center
8 – Industrial or domestic compressor
9 – Desktop computer
10 – Copy machines (with weight over 15 kg)
11 – Printers (with weight over 15 kg)
12 – All-in-one printers
13 – Electric Water dispenser
14 – Industrial/commercial ice machine
15 – Industrial/commercial electric fryer
16 – Electric oven
17 – Toaster oven
18 – Industrial electric oven
19 – Industrial oven using LP or natural gas
20 – Interphone
21 – Residential decorative lamp
22 – Industrial washing machine
23 – Dishwasher
24 – Blender
25 – Luminaries
26 – Electric sewing machine
27 – Cold drink vending machine
28 – Hot drink vending machine
29 – Game machine for recreation and lottery
30 – Hair clippers
31 – Computer monitor
32 – Electric grill
33 – Domestic iron
34 – Industrial iron
35 – Hair dryer
36 – Dryer (as standalone or part of a laundry center)
37 – Surveillance system
38 – Hair straightener
39 – Toaster
40 – Torno / Lathe
41 – Automotive vehicle
42 – Fan
43 – Video projectors
44 – Video doormen

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CONUEE Energy Standards information

This regulation states that some devices (brand new, not refurbished, not used) that are distributed or marketed in the country, and included in the catalog (DOF September 10, 2010), must have, clear and visible on the product, the following minimum information:

  1.  Energy consumption per unit of time in operation
  2.  Power consumption in standby mode per unit time, and
  3.  The amount of product or service offered by the equipment or device, per unit of energy consumed, in cases where it applies.

NYCE is now offering to provide a Technical report of energy consumption based on test report issued by an authorized Lab, that brings legal and technical certainty for the declaration to the authorities.

CONUEE and PROFECO will accept test reports performed in other countries with a declaration specifying how the testing was performed and in compliance with Mexican standards of pressure, humidity, tension, etc.

This new regulation will be mandatory for all products, when selling and storing them.

If you have a labeled product already, located at any selling point, you will have to re-label it or the energetic Information will have to be pasted in an additional label.

Inspections will be handled only by PROFECO or CONUEE, as it is stated in the law, and could be performed in the warehouses or where the merchandise is located.

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Argentina: New ENACOM Standard for Low Power Devices

ENACOM has released the new Q2-60-14 v17.1 Standard for Low Power Devices.  This replaces version 16.1.  Some of the devices this applies to are:

  • Alarms and motion detectors
  • Closed-Circuit Televisions
  • Industrial Control Devices
  • Access controls
  • Wireless audio devices
  • RFID
  • Transportation Telematics Equipment
  • Telemetry Systems

There are changes to the Maximum Power for the 401-406MHz and 433.075 – 434.775MHz bands as well as new UWB bands.

  • 3.1-10.6 GHz for hand held UWB systems
  • 22-26.65 GHz for UWB Automotive Radar

Below is the updated frequency bands and electric field table:













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Vietnam Energy Efficiency Requirements Update: 04/2017

According to the Decision No. (04/2017/QD-TTg) dated on March 9th, 2017.  The Prime Minister approved promulgating the list of devices, equipment subject to energy labeling, application of the minimum energy efficiency, and the guidance for implementation.

Accordingly, in comparison with the earlier list provided in Decision No. 51/2011/QD-TTg , this list is added some devices and equipment subject to energy labeling, including LED lights, water heaters with reserve, laptops, passenger cars of more than 7 seats to 9 seats, motorcycles, mopeds.

Compulsory energy labeling shall be conducted in 2020 for LED lights, water heaters with reserve, laptops, motorcycles, mopeds. Starting in 2018 this will be added for passenger cars of more than 7 to 9 seats.

Guidance for application of the minimum energy efficiency to LED lights, water heaters with reserve and laptops shall be set up later by the Prime Minister.

This Decision takes effect from April 25th, 2017. To replace Decision No. 51/2011/QD-TTg dated September 12th, 2011 and Decision No. 03/2013/QD-TTg dated January 14th, 2013